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These days, everyone wants to jump on to the Coaching and Training bandwagon. The distinction between an average Joe and a Great Coach is the manner in which you connect with your audience. With Amazon and other marketplaces, you don’t know who your end customer is!

As a budding coach or a nascent business person how does one break the clutter? One of the key ways to stand out in the sea of competition is to build a strong bond with your customers or clients.

Focus on your core competency . Core competency/skill is your advantage over competitors and it pays to cultivate it diligently without any distractions. Focussing on and leveraging individual proficiency (training, writing, editing, designing, manufacturing, etc.) to maximize profit/benefit is a well-tested and proven strategy.  

For example, an aspiring writer’s creative energy should be ideally engaged in creating a beautiful story. Marketing or distribution strategies of the book are best left for experts.  

Having a world-class product or idea may be superfluous if it cannot reach the end-user in the shortest possible time.  You can connect with them if you are directly in contact with them.

Global fulfillment service providers or 3PL (Third Party Logistics) play this crucial role by directly connecting you to final consumers in the most cost-effective manner. In these volatile and uncertain circumstances of a global pandemic, this could be the game-changer for your business. 

Simply put 3PL is a business to which you can outsource certain non-core areas of your business like Supply Chain Management, Distribution, Warehouse Management, and Fulfilment services.

Benefits of a 3PL provider

  • Focus on core competency: 
    • Your talent and energy are not meant to be tied up in tedious tasks of order fulfillment or processing of sales returns. Your precious time is freed up to push your business full throttle into its next stage of growth.
  • Supply Chain Diversification:
    • Navigating the pandemic has been challenging for most businesses. Lockdown restrictions have resulted in either closure of company warehouses or reduced the manpower presence in them. These are detrimental to the timely fulfillment of orders especially if your inventory is centrally located in one region. In the event of the closure of a warehouse, a 3PL partner can seamlessly ensure that your sales orders are completed with no impact on your revenue.
  • Reduced Costs:
    • Research shows that shipping cost is a major factor in shopping cart abandonment. But by outsourcing to a 3PL, your business can take advantage of their scale and cost competitiveness. Reduced shipping costs can positively impact consumer choice. Also, maintaining a warehouse is a huge real estate as well as the operational cost that can be overcome by having a 3PL partner.
  • Accurate Inventory Management:
    • Your 3PL can provide real-time inventory data. Stock levels are updated so you can optimize production. Stagnant inventory levels can help you identify slow-moving SKUs. They can be pushed off the shelf through specialized Kitting services.
  • Positive customer reviews
    • A fast-growing business can’t afford to make errors. Mistakes in packing items in an order or shipping to the wrong addresses can be a death knell for a brand’s equity.  A 3PL is a specialist. Its accurate and timely delivery makes satisfied customers and positive reviews boosting sales. 
  • Access to the global market
    • Your business no longer is bound by geographical constraints. A 3PL can put your business on the global map by time-bound delivery across continents. 

Here is how business happens at a 3PL.

  • At a typical 3PL partner you send your products to their warehouse. This is where Acutrack differs from the other fulfillment companies. At Acutrack, we are equipped to print booksreplicate DVDs and USBs, store and then ship in the most cost-effective manner.
  • These are labeled, barcoded, cataloged, and stored in warehouses.
  • A technology-driven 3PL will be integrated with several e-commerce sites to ensure timely order fulfillment. At Acutrack we are integrated with over 100 platforms
  • A 3PL like Acutrack provides an exclusive online portal for each business for tracking orders and inventory management. The products can be assembled and kitted as per your business needs making it the ideal e-commerce fulfillment company
  • When a customer places an order on the e-commerce site, the 3PL picks scans and packs the order. 
  • The order is then shipped to the end consumer. Relevant communication notifies the customer about the status of her order.   
  • A fulfillment house like Acutrack even takes care of post-sale services like processing of sales returns.

A strategic partner to power up your business

If you’re looking to boost your business with robust fulfillment services, look no further than Acutrack. With multiple state-of-the-art print and fulfillment services, we deliver anywhere in the world.  

We seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platform. We offer end-to-end tracking of every order, provide inventory alerts; assign dedicated customer support, and even a TAT of 24 hours for priority orders. 

Outsourcing your fulfillment services to a dedicated third-party logistics provider can help you dedicate your valuable resources to expanding your business. Partnering with a global fulfillment company like Acutrack will ensure that your every order is delivered in a timely and cost-effective method. 

Reach out to us to understand more about the services we offer, talk to one of our experts

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Corporate headquarters and fulfillment center:

350 Sonic Avenue
CA 94551

Branch office and fulfillment center:

3962 Virginia Avenue.
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Toll-Free: (888) 234-3472
Phone: (925) 579-5000

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Copyright © 2022 Acutrack. All Rights Reserved.

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