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Custom Hardcover Book Printing
Add Class to your Books!

In a world full of digital, the feel of a real book is irreplaceable. While the soft cover may be an economical choice, the hard cover is definitely more durable and is an undeniable classic.


Also known as case bound books, hard cover books are all about showcasing quality. With their prominent sizing and sturdy look and feel, they draw instant pique and attention from everyone. Besides becoming the star of every bookshelf, their durability makes them a valuable addition in every bibliophile’s collection.

Benefits of Custom Hardcover Book Binding:

When compared with other kinds of binding like perfect binding etc, hardcover binding stands out for a variety of reasons like visible high quality, real volume and weight.  


Hardback Book Printing is very flexible and versatile. In order to benefit from its many qualities, all you need is a manuscript with between 30 to 400 pages. If this parameter is met, Hardcover binding becomes the ideal choice for almost any type of printing project.


Here are a few choice reasons as to why you should choose Hardcover Book Bindings:

  • Your book will remain pristine for a long time
  • Will make a statement whether on the book shelf or simply lying on a table
  • Will look professional and elegant
  • Will be protected from damage caused due to regular wear and tear
  • Can be treasured and handed down generations
  • You can pick from a range of laminated covers for that additional pro look
  • You can pick a customizable spine to make it stand out

Who should opt for Custom Hardcover Book Binding?

With one of its key benefits being longevity, it is hardly surprising that¬†custom hardcover journal printing or custom hardcover book binding is the¬†choice for books that are bound to be treasured for years like a child’ memory book, a school’s yearbook, coffee table books, art books, classics, first editions, professional texts – law, medicine text books etc.


If you are looking at self-publishing, then custom hardcover book printing may be your best choice as a hardbound book has a certain aura of credibility and class.


For those of you looking at passing on important life experiences and writing memoirs or for those of you who wish to showcase your art or photographs, custom hardcover book printing is a worthy choice.

Get to know the parts of your Hardcover Book –

Hardback Book Printing is a slightly more complex and longer process than the other types of binding as it has more components involved like:

  • Cover¬†– The Cover is the most important part of a hardcover book as this is what gives it the durability. It is made of cardboard and has a gloss or matter laminated printed text stock.
  • Endsheet¬†– The main function of the endsheet is to join the inside to the cover really well. The paper of the endsheet can either be the same type as that of the other pages or not, for example coated interior pages and offset endsheets.¬†
  • Flyleaf¬†– The flyleaf is the loose part of the endsheet. It is not glued to the cover. Since a flyleaf is part of an endsheet, it can also be colored or have something printed on it.
  • Gutter¬†– The space on the inside margin of pages where the book is bound is called the gutter. Anything within the gutter typically isn’t visible and therefore space needs to be taken into account when designing the book.


Acutrack offers you one of the most effective Hardback Book Printing options which are simple yet elegant. The Hardcover books are printed on a sheet large enough to cover the front, spine, and back cover. Once printed, the covers are laminated with your choice of gloss or matte lamination. Following this, laminated paper covers are attached to the cardboard. The interior content is printed, cut down to the final dimension, and stuck together using an industrial strength glue to ensure the long life of the Hardcover book.  

How much does Custom hardcover book printing cost?

As compared with other Printing options like Softcover Binding, printing a Hardcover book is more expensive. Having said that, the sheer finish, presence and quality of a Hardcover book is sheer joy. If your project is something that requires a certain level of class and longevity, then it definitely makes sense to go for Hardcover Book Printing. What we can assure you is with Acutrack, you will get top quality in the best possible rate making it one of the cheapest hardcover book printing and best options.


The cost of printing your single hardback book printing will vary based upon which printing option you wish to choose, the cover style you prefer, number of pages in your book and more. The best people to give you an accurate is Acutrack’s sales team; talk to them to get a quote- sales@acutrack

The Acutrack advantage ‚Äď Custom hardcover book printing

At Acutrack, we believe in quality. We provide powerful book print and fulfillment services. Our services include online hardback book printing. Our comprehensive suite of book fulfillment and distribution services will help you deliver your books directly to your readers. Acutrack offers the widest range of book trim size and binding options for every book type or genre.

Acutrack also offers several other varieties of binding, some popular ones are: 


Spiral¬†– This method joins the pages and cover of a book using a coil that is made of durable plastic. Shaped like a long spring, the coil is inserted and twisted through small holes punched along the spinal edge of the book’s cover and pages.¬†


Case bound РA case bound book or hardcover book have durable, protective covers, made from either cardboard wrapped with paper, cloth, or another durable fabric. The spine of the book is covered to safeguard the pages inside.


Saddle stitch РThe saddle wire stitch allows the book to lie flat for reading ease. It can be bound with either a self-cover, or a separate cover. It is the most economical solution. Our saddle-stitched machine is capable of producing up to 200 page books by creating a square edge spine.


Print optionsРAcutrack offers you both Offset and Digital printing options. 

Shipping options– Acutrack offers a range of shipping options including USPS, media mail, first class priority + global shipping

We also have dedicated customer support for any and every query.

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Corporate headquarters and fulfillment center:

350 Sonic Avenue
CA 94551

Branch office and fulfillment center:

3962 Virginia Avenue.
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Toll-Free: (888) 234-3472
Phone: (925) 579-5000

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